Jim Presley

Old School Acoustic Blues

Plays Old School Acoustic Blues plus original creations in this tradition and others.

Jim Presley in the house provides an evening of both traditional blues cover songs from the masters like, Robert Johnson, Son House, Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf and John Lee Hooker and his original songs.

Along with the songs there is a steady stream of trash talk, stories(Some True) lots of mischief and fun 


Jim Presley grew up in and around Detroit, Michigan. He came from a family of musical people and colorful characters.

Jim has had many musical influences, including songs learned working in the fields with migrant workers, the Hasting Street Blues Scene, Motown, the Ann Arbor Folk and Rock Movements, Biker Rock, and Traditional Native American Music.

Despite all these influences, make no mistake about it, what Jim plays is Acoustic Old School Blues. (Even though more than 1/2 of his songs are his own original compositions)

The Blues is not about heartache and sorrow.

The Blues is about getting up and celebrating in the moment and feeling good.

The Blues is about connecting and celebrating with our relationships regardless of what life throws at us.

Jim does not consider his music a performance but an opportunity for the audience to share the fun at his party.

There will be some beautiful music, we will rock and carry on.

Jim loves to tell stories, and muse on various topics (Trash Talk) but our number one reason for our gathering is fun.

He loves to play and sing for others.

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Home Concerts

Till the Corona Virus is Over

2021 Message

Well! 2020 is over and a new year as began.  I am very excited because we have some potential vaccines available using a new technology that may not only offer protection from the current strain of COVID-19 but all Corona Virus.

With adult leadership in the White House and actual experts filling cabinet positions I am feeling very hopeful.

When the virus came in in late February and Early March my concert schedule came to a grinding halt. 

Many of my fellow musicians were quick to get back at it and sadly some great ones are no longer with us.

I love my fans and when I return to performing I don't want any faces missing from my friends.

As a result I am still not doing any live performances and staying home. It won't be too long now till normalcy returns and we can back at it.

Please wait just a little longer. I can't wait to see all of your wonderful faces again.

I love all of you!

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